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.WMGA расширение

Расширение формат файла «.wmga»
Тип файла Web Manga Document
Разработчик Manga Reader
Категория Файлы разметки документа

Описание формата файла

Manga document used by Manga Reader, an application used to read electronic print cartoons and comic books; stores the structure of the manga document; includes URL references to page content (text, graphics, etc.) instead of the page content itself; used for distributing manga comics.

WMGA files differ from .MGA files, which contain all of the embedded document resources. The advantage of WMGA files is that readers can download much smaller file sizes. Additionally, manga authors can update the remote content on-the-fly and have it distributed to all readers automatically. However, the disadvantage is that readers must allow the document to download on-demand as they read the comic.

Web manga document files are stored in a .ZIP format. Therefore, you can decompress them with any ZIP decompression utility.

NOTE: WMGA files can be created with the Manga Creator application that is included with the Manga Reader installation.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .WMGA

Manga Reader Описание
Manga Creator Описание