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.TBM расширение

Тип файла Toribash Mod File
Разработчик Nabi Studios
Категория Файлы игр

Описание формата файла

Modification or "mod" file used for adding weapons, armor, or other extras to a Toribash character; may also contain buildings, vehicles, and other custom objects.

The Toribash weapons file is named "swords.tbm" by default, but may also use other names. This file can be modified by the user to customize the character's weapons or other objects.

Toribash is a 3D fighting game where users design the character's actions. Replays of Toribash matches are saved as .RPL files.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .TBM

Nabi Studios Toribash Описание
Nabi Studios Toribash Описание
Nabi Studios Toribash Описание