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.STPROJ расширение

Тип файла Samsung Theme Document
Разработчик Samsung
Категория Файлы данных

Описание формата файла

Project file created by Samsung Theme Designer, a program that allows developers to create custom themes for various Samsung mobile devices; saves the visual layout of the theme and references to .PNG graphic files, which are used for the buttons, background, etc; can be exported to an .SMT theme file, which can then be uploaded to the mobile phone.

When you create a theme project, Samsung Theme Designer also creates a folder in the same directory as the STPROJ file called \ThemeData\. This directory stores the PNG graphics for the theme when you import them into the project.

NOTE: STPROJ files are saved using XML formatting.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .STPROJ

Samsung Theme Designer Описание