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Intuit TurboTax Canada 2011


TurboTax Canada (previously "QuickTax") is a tax preparation program used for completing and filing Canadian tax returns. It includes both Federal and Provincial forms required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and individual provinces. Users can complete tax returns by using either the "EasyStep" feature or by manually entering data into tax forms.

User Interface

The EasyStep guide serves as a step-by-step interview, which asks the user basic questions. The program fills in the appropriate tax forms with information provided by the user. This simplifies the tax return process and removes the need to understand complex tax forms and perform manual calculations. Throughout the EasyStep process, TurboTax Canada displays the current tax refund or tax due amount.

While the EasyStep interface provides a simple way to complete a tax return, at any point the user may switch to the "Forms Method" to manually view and edit individual tax forms. In this view, the forms are displayed like printed tax forms and the user can simply type information in each required field.


TurboTax Canada includes separate forms for the Federal T1 and provincial returns. Once the forms are completed, through either EasyStep or manual data entry, the tax return is ready to be filed. Users can print and file returns via mail or use the built-in NETFILE feature to file returns electronically.

Intuit guarantees that TurboTax Canada will provide each user with the maximum refund possible. The company also guarantees 100% accuracy for each return and provides a satisfaction guarantee as well. Users who have questions or get stuck on something during the tax return process can contact Intuit via phone, email, or live chat for support.

User Community

TurboTax Canada is developed specifically for individuals and businesses located in Canada. Since the program includes both EasyStep and manual form entry, it is appropriate for both tax novices and tax professionals who need to complete Canadian tax returns.

Основной формат
.TT11 TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Retur
Поддерживает форматы
.Q09 QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
.TT10 TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Retur
Дополнительные форматы
.Q09 QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
.TT10 TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Retur

Системные требования

Windows XP w/ SP2, Vista, or 7
Intel Pentium 3 or compatible
120MB free disk space
800x600 display (1024x768 recommended)
Internet connection
CD-ROM drive required for installation