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.SMZIP расширение

Тип файла StepMania Package
Разработчик StepMania
Категория Файлы игр

Описание формата файла

Package format used by StepMania, a free dance and rhythm game that supports dance pads; typically created with the StepMania Package Exporter (smpackage.exe); includes the music, announcers, themes, and other add-ons for a specific song; designed to be a simple format for distributing song data in a single file.

StepMania packages can be installed by simply double-clicking the SMZIP file if StepMania is installed on the system. This extracts all the files in the package to the main StepMania program folder.

Since the SMZIP file uses .ZIP compression, you can also rename the file extension to ".zip" and extract the contents with a file decompression program.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .SMZIP

StepMania Описание
StepMania Описание
StepMania Описание