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.SBS расширение

Тип файла Secure Backup System File
Разработчик AvialiSoft
Категория Резервные копии

Описание формата файла

Backup file created by Secure Backup System (SBS), a backup and recovery application; stores user backed up files in a proprietary encrypted format; used for backing up sensitive data.

SBS files require the correct login and password as well as the Secure Backup System software to unlock the contents.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .SBS

AvailaSoft Secure Backup System Описание
Тип файла SPSS Script
Разработчик IBM
Категория Исполняемые файлы

Описание формата файла

Script used by SPSS, an application for statistical analysis; stores instructions written using the Sax Basic language; used for automating repetitive tasks, such as opening and saving files and performing data transformations.

Each SPSS script is categorized into one of three types:

Starter script: a template script included with the software that provides helpful code segments for users to learn scripting. Global script: a library script that can be referenced by any other script. Autoscript script: a script that is automatically run when certain trigger conditions are met in the software.

NOTE: More recent versions of SPSS use .SPS files for scripts.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .SBS

IBM SPSS Описание