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.QVD расширение

Тип файла QlikView Data File
Разработчик QlikTech International
Категория Файлы БД

Описание формата файла

Database file used by QlikView, a business intelligence tool; saves an uncompressed "RAM image" representation of a QlikView table as it was stored in memory when open in QlikView; allows the database to be opened and loaded into memory quickly.

QVD database files are used to store data for business sales, revenue, costs, and profits. The data is used for competitive intelligence and historical, current, and predictive analysis.

When a QVD file is open, QlikView houses the database in memory instead of on disk, which allows for fast data queries and computation. Therefore, QVD files are loaded directly into memory when opened in the software.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .QVD

QlikTech International QlikView Описание