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.QPB расширение

Тип файла QuickBooks Point of Sale Data File
Разработчик Intuit
Категория Файлы данных

Описание формата файла

File created by QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), a business sales tracking application; may be the primary data file or a backup file automatically created by the software; enables the business data to be saved (and restored in the case of a backup).

Backup QPB files use the following file naming convention: YYYYMMDD####.qpb where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the day, and #### is the sequence number for the backup (e.g., 0001, 0002, etc.).

NOTE: To restore a QPB file from backup, select File в†’ Restore in QuickBooks POS. From the dialog, you can choose the "Default Location" or a custom location.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .QPB

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Описание