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.NBM расширение

Тип файла NetBeans Module
Разработчик Oracle
Категория Файлы плагинов

Описание формата файла

Plug-in file used by NetBeans, a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE); stores a compressed .ZIP archive of XML, .JAR, and metadata files; also supports pack200 compression (.PACK.GZ extension) for included JAR files; often distributed via download on the Web.

NetBeans modules can be used for creating various types of plugins for the software. For example, JasperSoft's iReport module is a popular module for programmatically designing and generating graphical reports. Another popular plugin called jVi provides the functionality of the Vi text editor in NetBeans.

NetBeans is often used for developing Java programs, but it also supports other languages, such as PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, and Groovy.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .NBM

Oracle NetBeans Описание
Oracle NetBeans Описание
Oracle NetBeans Описание