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.MRXS расширение

Тип файла MIRAX Virtual Slide File
Разработчик Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
Категория Растровые изображения

Описание формата файла

Image file created by MIRAX-compatible microscope digital slide scanners such as the Carl Zeiss MIRAX series or the 3DHISTECH Pannoramic series; stores images of multiple specimen samples from glass slides on a single digitized virtual slide; used for archiving and analyzing microscope images.

MIRAX slides can be analyzes under multiple viewing conditions. For example, they can be magnified, and the color, brightness, and contrast can be adjusted. Additionally, they support fluorescent slide handling.

NOTE: The Pannoramic Viewer application is the same program as the "MIRAX Viewer" program. It was developed by 3DHISTECH.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .MRXS

OpenSlide Описание
3DHISTECH Pannoramic Viewer Описание
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging MIRAX Viewer Описание
Aperio Technologies ImageScope Описание
OpenSlide Описание
OpenSlide Описание