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.HMXZ расширение

Тип файла Help & Manual Compressed Project
Разработчик EC Software
Категория Файлы данных

Описание формата файла

Help documentation project created by Help & Manual technical documentation software; contains help content, including help page text, images, and formatting; stores all files, including the XML project file, as a compressed .ZIP archive.

HMXZ projects are used for creating various kinds of help documentation and technical manuals. They can be exported to several different help formats, including Winhelp (.HLP), HTML Help (.CHM), and the .EPUB eBook format.

The other Help & Manual project format (.HMXP files) also uses XML formatting for the project file, but it does not save all the files in the same Zip archive.

NOTE: HMXZ and HMXP files were introduced with Help & Manual version 5.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .HMXZ

EC Software Help & Manual Описание