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.HIPNC расширение

Тип файла Houdini Apprentice File
Разработчик Side Effects Software
Категория Файлы 3D-изображений

Описание формата файла

3D image file created by Houdini Apprentice, the trial version of the full Houdini 3D modeling software; stores three-dimensional objects and animation properties for a scene; can be rendered with the software, but at a reduced resolution from the full version; often used in educational settings or by artists for personal portfolio development.

Houdini Apprentice is available in free and HD editions. While the free edition allows stills and animations up to a 720x576 resolution, the HD version allows 1920x1080 animations and has no limit on still image resolutions. The HD edition removes the watermark placed on the free version's images and animations.

NOTE: HIPNC stands for Houdini Project Non-Commercial, since these files are not for commercial use. The full commercial version of Houdini uses .HIP files.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .HIPNC

Side Effects Houdini Apprentice Описание
Side Effects Houdini Apprentice Описание
Side Effects Houdini Apprentice Описание