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.GMMOD расширение

Тип файла Game Maker 3D Model File
Разработчик N/A
Категория Файлы 3D-изображений

Описание формата файла

3D model created by Model Creator for Game Maker, a program used for designing 3D models; uses the same formatting as a Game Maker .D3D file but has a different file extension; saved in a plain text format and specifies the three-dimensional structure of the model, including vertices and shapes; used for rendering 3D objects in Game Maker games.

NOTE: Model Creator for Game Maker can also generate a Game Maker Language .GML file for loading the generated model in the GMMOD file.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .GMMOD

Model Creator for Game Maker Описание
YoYo Games Game Maker Описание