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.CRX расширение

Тип файла Chrome Extension
Разработчик Google
Категория Файлы плагинов

Описание формата файла

Extension that adds extra features or themes to the Google Chrome Web browser; saved in a compressed format and may contain .JS, .JSON, and other files, such as images and executable programs.

Chrome extensions can be installed by dragging CRX files to an open Chrome browser window. However, CRX files are typically installed with the "Install" button from a Web page, which downloads the extension, unpacks it, and then installs it without the user having to interact with the CRX file at all. Also, after installation the CRX file is deleted automatically.

NOTE: CRX files use .ZIP formatting. However, they also contain a custom header section of the file, so standard Zip decompression utilities may not be able to decompress them.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .CRX

Google Chrome Описание
Google Chrome Описание
Google Chrome Описание