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.CPB расширение

Тип файла Comicino Studio Project File
Разработчик Comicino Media
Категория Файлы разработчиков

Описание формата файла

File created by Comicino Studio, a rapid application development tool for Web, desktop, and mobile applications; saves a collection of user interface pages, which each may contain text, graphics, and interactive elements; can be compiled and deployed to iOs, Android, Windows, and Web platforms.

Comicino Studio projects can include custom code written in the Comicino Basic language, which is similar to Microsoft Visual Basic. This helps developers handle user input events such as button and link clicks.

NOTE: Comicino Basic is a programming language developed specifically for Comicino Studio.

Программы, которыми можно открыть файл .CPB

Comicino Media Comicino Studio Описание